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Helping local artists connect with the world

Interested in displaying your art with Artifuse?

You can find our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service on our Terms and Conditions page. If you have specific questions, then you may find what you are looking for under our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Otherwise, please feel free to contact us directly – we would love to hear from you.

What and why

Artifuse is an on-line market for original two dimensional (wall) art, including paintings, drawings, and original prints. Our aim is to provide a place where local sellers of contemporary art can connect with people in search of something original.

Artifuse makes it easy for anyone to browse through a large portfolio of artwork listed by diverse artists, find something they like, and make a secure purchase at a reasonable price.

Establishing a website that looks good and works well is a lot of work. The effort involved can seem especially daunting, given the uncertain impact that an independent website will have.

Artifuse was started to help local artists use the internet to connect with the world. We have crafted our website to provide an unparalleled platform for people to display and find original pieces of wall art. The idea is that, by coming together collectively, local artists can make a sufficient BANG that it will be heard around the world.


We are here to help people connect, and so it is a pleasure when someone wants to connect with us. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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+41 (0)79 245 7901

Lausanne, Switzerland


Q: Where can I find the application form to register as a seller with Artifuse?

A: Sign-in to your Artifuse account via the following links to get started:

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